GIFT of NATURE incense

GIFT of NATURE incense from Nepal 15g lokta paper packets

Our wide varieties of Incense Stick are made from the selected purified and best quality plants and herbs of Himalayan region of Nepal. These are free from any toxic and addictive defects and are chemicals free (100% natural).
These incense sticks are packed in beautiful handmade eco friendly Lokta paper decorated with Himalayan Flower. The specialty of these incenses is that the ingredients are smoothly caressed into the stick hence it is compact and does not fall off easily. The fragrance is mesmerizing and you will love each one of these incenses.

This incense uplifts and inspires the mind and counteracts depressions and anxiety. The fragrance of this spiritually uplifting incense is combined to bring peace, harmony, joy and relaxation. You can use this incense in the office, gym, yoga session, meditation and for peaceful and quite environment.


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GIFT of NATURE incense

100% Naturalize:  No Animal Extract  No Artificial Fragrance   :  These incense sticks are packed in beautiful handmade Lokta paper decorated with Himalayan Flower
Size: Length of incense stick = 21 cm   No. of Incense in a Pack (approx) = 15   Weight:15 grams

Himalayan wood | Opium | Nag Champa | Om | Meditation | Jasmine | Peace | Rose | Sage | Frankincense

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Gift of Nature~ Nepal

Himalayan wood, Opium, Nag Champa, Om, Meditation, Jasmine, Peace, Rose, Sage, Frankincense


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