Best Indian Mantra-Incense

BEST INDIAN MANTRA-INCENSE There are many ways to label the Best Indian Mantra Incense sticks for example ~ Mantra Parama Absolute Incense, Mantra-Supreme Incense, Mayapur Gandharaj Incense, Mantra-Premium Incense, Mantra-classic Incense, are examples of what can be found on this … Read More

Companion for Meditation

Ideal Companion for MeditationIt is a common ritual around the world, to light up a incense, a companion for meditation, which is one’s attempt to reach the ultimate state of bliss. Although meditation only requires control over the mind and … Read More

INCENSE Roots in Tradition

INCENSE ROOTS in TRADITION In the land of incense roots tradition & culture, colours and fragrance; incense stick (also known as Agarbatthi) has its roots in tradition since the time of Vedas. The Atharva Veda and Rig Veda are the oldest … Read More

History of Incense burning

HISTORY of INCENSE BURNING Walking through any Indian or Nepal village or town in the early morning or late afternoon, hints of the sun’s rays gently light the streets. Hundreds of bells ring in every house while a multitude of … Read More