There are many ways to label the Best Indian Mantra Incense sticks for example ~ Mantra Parama Absolute Incense, Mantra-Supreme Incense, Mayapur Gandharaj Incense, Mantra-Premium Incense, Mantra-classic Incense, are examples of what can be found on this website https://www.mantra-incense.com/. But the product should obviously have the Indian fragrance that should instantly remind of Indian temples or ritual places for sure. India is a land of vibrant culture, colours, fragrances and people. In the past India has been the hub of people coming from different far way land for trade and has seen many different cultures and community evolving around.  Then from the reign of Ashoka to Mughals and then from East India Company to Indian democratic gov., India has come across many different fragrances and people who brought them. Nowadays with digitization, foreign investments, and collaborations, with technology and transportation, many fragrances has been added and mix with the traditional ones.

So now what are the best Indian Incense?

The best way is to find in Mythologies. As said India as always been a land of vast culture the Mythologies are also vibrant. Out of many that I might and might not be knowing I would only mention Hindu Mythology. In Hindu mythology, we can find mention of ‘Yagna’, ‘Pooja’ and ‘Arti’ which are some of the rituals followed by Hindu people till now. In these rituals, Camphor and Chandan (Sandalwood) are the two main item that I see and is extensively used in those rituals. Camphor and Sandalwood fragrances also amplify the mood and presence of the devotee.