Aromas & ingredients used in the making of mantra-incense.

1. Ether (Fruit) – Star Anise 2. Water (Branches) – Sandalwood Aloeswood – Cedarwood – Cassia – Frankincense – Myrrh 3. Earth (Roots) – Turmeric – Vetivert – Ginger – Costus Root – Valerian – Spikenard 4. Fire (Flower) – Clove 5. Air (Leaves) – Patchouli

AGARWOOD ~One of the most ancient and revered incense ingredients, agarwood, also known as oud and aloeswood, is the name for the dark and aromatic resin-suffused wood formed in species of Aquilaria, Gyrinops and Aetoxylon trees.

PATCHOULI has a deep & woody fragrance of precious patchouli evokes the mystic healing of the east. Overall earthy, dark-cold, slightly sweet, musky incense. The Indian patchouli plant is well-known for its intensively scented essential oil. The plant is said to have a strong grounding property.

SANDALWOOD is a fragrant wood that comes from India. Unlike other fragrant woods, sandalwood can retain its fragrance for many years. In fact, it can last for several decades if it’s properly stored. It is a popular source of essential oil that has a bright and fresh smell. It is also known to stimulate the seventh Chakra, which improves trust and self-identity. It also promotes enthusiasm, increases energy, zest for life and self-esteem.The healing aroma of Sandalwood incense can be used to promote feelings of serenity and to ease irritability and aggression. This incense also acts as an aid to meditation and deep relaxation. Probably the most familiar incense fragrance in the world.

ROSE there are quite a few benefits to both the burning of all-natural incense and the inhalation of various essential oils, from reducing stress and aiding sleep, to increased productivity and even a strengthened immune system. Considered the most beautiful flower in the world, the rose has been a focal point for captivating the hearts of countless artists, poets and musicians. A worldwide symbol of beauty and love.

OUDH is one of the most expensive and desirable perfume ingredients in the world. It has an intoxicating musky scent that can be quite potent and has been used for centuries in India.Oud comes from the wood of the tropical Agar (Aquilaria) tree, a genus that includes 15 different species. The tree is believed to have originated in the Assam region of India, from there spreading to populate Bangladesh and much of Southeast Asia. Wood chips off the trees are often burned as an incense

VRINDAVAN FLOWER incense is produced from the fragrant flowers that were common in Vrindavan when Krishna was present on the planet 5000 years ago. It is a favourite of Srila Prabhupada, the Founder-Acarya of the Hare Krishna movement. It is a very subtle and exquisitely beautiful scent

PALO SANTO which means “holy wood” or “wood of the saints,” is a … It belongs to the citrus family, and is related to both frankincense and myrrh

NAG CHAMPA Like pure sandalwood, is a sacred incense that purifies any environment, energetically transforming your space into a meditation room, naturally clearing out any negative energy and filling it with positive vibrations.