About Mantra-Incense-Bodycare

Welcome to about Mantra-Incense, well we have been burning incense since the  1970s after experiencing them at outdoor festivals & concerts in the UK & Europe. As well as the sight & scent of this pleasure we did not realise at the time the lasting effect this would have on us personally.  Not being able to find good quality incense over the years & able to take a trip to the land of  fragrances India we purchased a small quantity to take back. On our return we shared our Mantra-Incense with friends and people loved them, so we decide to bring more back on our next adventure.Then the demand grew & our interest grew, so we decided to find good suppliers in India & Nepal.

Now we ship regular amounts to the UK for distribution around the world due to the increased demand and this has now developed into a website store for independent retail stockists, meditation & yoga centres, kirtan events, temples to purchase and also for a single customer pleasure purchase.

Mantra-Incense online shop has been created by incense lovers for incense lovers.  Our aim has always been to provide the finest incense in the world. We believe that quality and purity should be the guiding light when it comes to incense and we strive for the highest level in both these areas.
All of our ever expanding range of pure, high quality incense are available from this online retail store. If you have a shop, yoga centre, temple or ashram or just need incense for the home, we can also supply selected ranges to you at wholesale prices, subject to minimum order requirements. We have been importing quality incense from India and Nepal since 2014 and mainly supplying friends, temples, ashrams, meditation and yoga centres but have been using incense ourselves for far longer. We hope that when you burn our incense, it’s sheer aroma will allow our dedication to being suppliers of the finest selection of incense in the world to shine through.

The History of Incense Fragrances

Incense has a long history, dating back to ancient times. Incense had great value, and people used to give it as gifts. The word “incense” has Latin origins from the word “incendere,” which means “to burn.” Use of incense has an important role in many different religions, including Catholicism and Buddhism. Biblical passages in the Old Testament depict God requiring the burning of incense as a part of worship.

Since the beginning of time incense has played a significant role in the human existence. Ever since the beneficial invention of fire, mankind has found that many materials release an odour when burnt, some very pleasing, and others not so much. These aromatic scents often accentuate the senses. Some experts believe that the burning of items such as cedar, berries, roots, and resins gave us our first true incense. Incense relics that are thousands of years old have actually been found all over the world. So, it is pretty safe to bet that incense has been a part of many different cultures for a very long time. It is because of this information that the exact origin of incense cannot be traced.

Burning incense involves powerful olfactory sensations as the strong scents fill a room, and can involve burning it to achieve specific purposes. Native Americans engage in smoke and smudging ceremonies, and these rituals have similarities to burning incense. Some people burn incense during meditation to assist with achieving a level of calm and focus. Buddhists burn incense with the purpose of purifying an area. During Buddhist ceremonies, people burn bundles of incense while bowing to plaques or statues in the temple. Buddhists also burn sticks of incense near plaques and statues. Incense can also assist with increasing or adjusting the energy in an area.

Incense has always been a major contender in scared traditions and in that of healing/cleansing, mood setting (even being considered the forefather of aromatherapy), and even purification. Obviously, considering the era, scented aromas then became dedications to the gods.

Incense and Aromatherapy go hand in hand. With the correctly scented incense, you can actually use its healing powers to: reduce and calm anxiety, stress, and fear, alleviate insomnia, accelerate healing. You can also help stimulate and renew energy, cleanse the atmosphere, and prepare for meditation and prayer. Incense in its earliest relevance was related to the 5 elements relating medicinal purpose with actual plant parts. Here is a list of the five elements and the some correlating fragrance of standard incense used by the Buddhist monks